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Building Leaders, Students & Community Activists.

Our Vision




Coach Joe has spent the last 22 years running a boxing gym in Bridgeport for our at-risk community.  Boxing has tremendous benefits for those who are challenged mentally, socially and of course physically.

Our vision is to awaken the “champions within”. We believe the greatest thing that we can do for our community is to change the way that they think; changed minds ~ changed directions. Our mission and passion is to encourage and to equip for the future.  

Gifted Hands Boxing is a faith-based nonprofit organization. We are a non-profit program that serves the whole man; mind, body and spirit. And a place where the leaders’ focus is on the future of our children, a facility where our faith is on the belief that each student has a purpose and where we offer the substance that can lead to a successful career.

Core Initiatives

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We have a unique business that serves a unique community of people with untapped talent and potential. Our goal at Gifted Hands Boxing is to discover the champion that lay dormant, develop the potential that it possesses and help them to deploy and pursue their career path.

Discover - Career Explorers’ Program – the introduction of new career opportunities. Through the Career Explorers’ Program, we invite our local business owners, educators, retired leaders, servicemen/women and those like them to come in to encourage, to empower and to uplift our students. The flipside of the Career Explorer’s Program is that our students be invited by our local businesses and organizations to observe careers in action and offered to return as an Intern and/or volunteer.

Develop - Leaders Excelling And Developing (L.E.A.D.); it is the “sister” to our Career Explorers’ Program. I heard a wise man say, “don’t let your gift take you where your character can’t keep you” – now that you’ve discovered what your gift and/or calling is; you need to do a personal assessment of what it will take from you to get to where you need to be. 

Deploy– now that our student has discovered their gift and is equipped with what they need to succeed; we sit down with them and discuss which path would be best to proceed forward in.  



  • Ring

  • Heavy Bags

  • Double-End Bags

  • Weights

  • Ropes

  • Speed Bags

  • Gloves


The Saturday Academy


9am - 12pm

if interest please contact Coach Joe.


Private and Group Classes available upon request.